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About us

How Eldoria was founded

Eldoria was founded by me (RainbowDashLabs aka. Hadde) and some other devs in 2014 as an RPG server. I planned to make a unique RPG experience within Minecraft with unique self written plugins like every other RPG server wants. We wanted to share the work we had invested into our projects with others. That's why we initially created this organization. Sadly the team and I lacked the resources to make our plans become real.

What is Eldoria today

Today I mainly publish my plugins here, but some of them are also developed by former devs of the eldoria team. Together, we maintain multiple projects here in this organization and in other places like the Landlord organization. All our plugins and tools are open source, because we think it is important to share knowledge end technology. We also think that every user and server owner should be able to build and inspect the plugins they use on their own.

I publish my own plugins and landlord on spigot.

Get in touch

You can contact us via our discord

Noteable Projects

These are some of our most notably projects. We invested a lot of time in these and are happy to publish the source code here.

Schematic Brush Reborn

Schematic Brush Reborn is a revive of the old Schematic Brush and the successor of Schematic Brush Reborn V1.

However it is not really the old schematic brush and has a way better usability. It features several new features which will make creating Schematic Brushes as simple as possible! It also adds several new features like block place masks, new modifiers, realtime preview and modification.

We also have several Add-ons for it like Grid Selector, Schematic Brush Database, Schematic Tools, Survival Schematic Brush

Pick Me Up

Do you find leashes as boring as I do?

If yes: PickMeUp is your plugin! If no: You gonna love it anyway!

Pick me Up allows you to pick up every existing entity. You can enable and disable pick up for every entity (Players as well if you want). You can also define a permission for every entity. Because this is not enough and just let them down again is lame you can throw them away. And yes you can pickup someone who picked up someone. Reach the sky!

Big Doors Opener

Big doors opener is an addon for Big Doors.

Big doors opener allows you to open doors based on conditions. These conditions can be items, which the player needs to activate at a specific block or just hold it in its hand. Or you can open a door when a player is near it or inside a specific region. You can also open a door based on a player permission, world time or the weather.