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Terms and Conditions

These terms and condition apply to all premium resources posted by Eldoria if not stated differently.
By purchasing a plugin you accept these terms and conditions.


You may receive one trial download of the premium resource via discord.


Purchases are paid with EURO.
Purchases are not subject to VAT according to ยง19 (1) of the German UStG.
The plugin price may change at any time.


By purchasing the plugin you confirm that you are over 18 or have the permission of a legal guardian.


The plugin is provided as is without any warranty.
You are purchasing the current state of the plugin. You may receive updates in the future. Support for any minecraft version can be stopped at any time.


You are not allowed to claim the plugin as yours.
You are not allowed to redistribute or sell the plugin jar you received on any website.


You are not allowed to chargeback. Refunds are not available under any circumstances. Make sure the plugin suits your requirements before purchasing the plugin.


Upon purchase, you receive one license key via mail.
One discord account per purchase will be able to claim that license on our Discord and receive access to the support channel.
You may grant up to two more users access to plugin downloads and support channel.
Developer Support is only provided in buyer exclusive channels.
You may lose access to the support channels if you violate the discord server rules.